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Management Services

Preparing Your Property for Rental

  • Property Assessment to determine optimal rental rate. We will do an initial review of the property and provide a rent assessment. We will also provide an assessment of items you may wish to consider prior to renting your property. We will provide a rent assessment at each lease anniversary and adjust rent accordingly.
  • “Non-tenant” services as necessary to prepare property for rental. You can always contact us as you are getting your property ready – we may be able to assist you in this process and coordinate repair and maintenance services, as well as larger items to get your property in great shape.

Renting Your Property

  • Advertising and showing vacant homes. We advertise broadly, including in the MLS if appropriate, and work diligently to schedule viewings according to potential tenant schedules. We provide personal service and follow-up.
  • Advertising and showing homes between tenancies. When we know a tenant will be leaving a property we waste no time in assessing the condition of the property and getting it advertised and rented with as little time between tenants as possible. This may include scheduling services to take place immediately after tenants vacate so that it is ready for new tenants in very few days.
  • Managing rental applications. We welcome online as well as paper applications
  • Screening prospective tenants We do credit, background and rental history screening, as well as obtain employer and landlord references. This information is made available to you.
  • Preparing and signing lease agreements We use appropriate MD and DC lease agreements to capture all appropriate clauses. We also add clauses to address issues particular to each property.
  • Work with incoming tenants to ensure utilities and other such items are switched over to their name.
  • Lease renewals. Following your guidance, we handle all lease renewals directly with tenants.

Managing Your Rental Property

  • Obtaining rental licenses as needed, including City and County inspections. We work with County and City offices on your behalf to ensure initial compliance with all regulations and subsequently handle all renewals on your behalf.
  • Managing lead paint compliance process in Maryland as needed. All homes built prior to 1978 have to be registered with the Maryland Department of the Environment and in many cases (depending on circumstances), a lead inspection by a certified and approved inspector may be required. We handle all of this.
  • Collecting and managing security deposit. We collect security deposits and manage them in keeping with appropriate MD and DC regulations.
  • Move-in walk through. We do an initial move-in with tenants and note the condition of the home. We then coordinate receipt and review of move-in paperwork to ensure any items needing attention are addressed. These move-in documents are used during the move-out process and it is the basis for documenting damage vs. normal wear-and-tear.
  • Collecting rent. Tenant have the option (which we encourage) to set up automatic rent payment online. We receive these very quickly which allows us to do a direct deposit to you with very little delay.
  • Managing past-due accounts, notices, evictions and collections. We proactively send out notices and engage with tenants that are in arrears. Also, we quickly file with the appropriate court and proceed with all other follow-up steps necessary for rent to be collected.
  • Conducting interior inspections every 6 months. We schedule interior and exterior inspections every 6 months. These inspections give us an opportunity to make sure there are no unreported repair or maintenance issues, and to ensure your property is well taken care of. You will receive a report each time we do these .
  • Move-out assessment. Move out assessments are carried out the day the tenant moves out. Via this assessment we determine items in the property that may need attention. We also do an assessment to separate normal wear-and-tear from damage so that we may assess damage charges to the tenant.

Maintenance and Repairs of Your Rental Property

  • 24/7 maintenance and service request service. Tenants have access to a personalized portal via which they are able to pay rent as well as submit maintenance requests.
  • Review of all maintenance requests. We review all requests to determine the best approach, from the vendor that may be most appropriate but also pick up the phone to do trouble shooting with the tenant as needed. This saves tons of time and money as it is not uncommon for issues to be addressed by simple instructions. We take the time to do this.
  • Scheduling and coordinating all service and maintenance repairs, this includes working with insurance companies and Home Warranty companies as needed. Let us do the talking! We will call insurance companies, schedule inspectors, coordinate with condo offices, etc. We will keep you informed but you can pass this off to us.
  • Serve as contact for Condominium offices and Home Owner Associations.
  • Obtaining competing bids as necessary. Often times the cause of a problem is not very obvious and we want to hear from more than one provider. At other times, we may want to have competing bids. We can also use your preferred providers.
  • Seasonal check lists to tenants. We send useful lists to tenants each season. These lists may include reminders to shut off outside water valves, treat problem areas for seasonal pests, ensure drains are free of debris, remind tenants to clear sidewalks of ice/snow, etc. We want to make sure these and other items are taken care of consistently.

Managing Your Account

  • Owner Portal with ready-access to your owner statements and reports. Statements, work orders and other reports are published on a monthly basis.
  • Payment of mortgage, condominium, HOA fees, etc. We will arrange automatic payments to any of these accounts.
  • Direct deposit to your account. Direct payments are issued approximately 5 business days after rent is received.
  • End-of-year summary for your taxes